Titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap have a number of properties when it comes to useful characteristics. These are also useful with its properties of corrosion resistance, high melting temperature and hard but lightweight makeup.

Even though most titanium is used in its oxide form, sources from which titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap are recycled are very common. For the past few decades, the aerospace industry still holds the spot as the largest supplier of titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap. These can be recycled from engines and structural components from aeroplanes, satellites and spacecraft. More importantly, Titanium can also be used for medical purposes such as joint replacements, or as armour plates for a military vehicle.

At WM Metals and Alloys we want to help continue and maintain titanium scrap and titanium alloy scrap for future use and advances. Today, the company actively participates in the global trade, particularly in the buying and selling of high-temperature scrap alloys. The volume of both buyers and sellers in the industry continues to increase, and the forecasts are consistently positive.

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