Nickel & Nickel Alloys

When thinking of nickel scrap and nickel alloy Scrap many people don’t think of it past the American currency of a nickel. Nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap are extremely beneficial in chemical and aerospace industries. In fact, it also plays a vital role in the making of stainless steel.

Iron, cobalt, and nickel — these alloys are also known as ferromagnetic, which means that when combined with the other metals and scrap metals, they can produce an unusually strong magnet. What makes nickel unique is that it can also be combined with other metals to conduct heat and electricity.

As of today, almost 90,000 tons of nickel is recovered by recycling stainless steel and other nickel-iron alloys such as nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap. At WM Metals and Alloys, nickel scrap and nickel alloy scrap recycling are essential in the recycling process of nickel, considering that close to 40% of the nickel used each year is from recycled nickel scrap, nickel alloy scrap and scrap metal products.

Today, WM Metals and Alloys actively participates in the global trade, particularly in the buying and selling of high-temperature scrap alloys. The volume of both buyers and sellers in the industry continues to increase, and the forecasts are consistently positive.

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