High-Speed Steel

High-speed steel (HSS) is characterized as a steel tool with high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance. This means that it can still harden even when cooled in air during quenching.

This material is commonly composed of two basic components: one is metal carbide (such as tungsten carbide, molybdenum carbide or vanadium carbide), which gives the material better wear resistance and strength; the second one is steel distributed around the carbide. Its matrix gives the material better toughness, making shock-proof which prevents chipping.

High-speed steel also has high hardness, good wear resistance, good process performance, good strength, and toughness. HSS is primarily used for the manufacturing of complex thin-blade and impact-resistant metal cutting tools. It can also be used to develop cold-working dies and rolls with high-performance requirements, high-temperature bearings, and high-temperature springs.

Today, WM Metals and Alloys actively participates in the global trade, particularly in the buying and selling of high-temperature scrap alloys. The volume of both buyers and sellers in the industry continues to increase, and the forecasts are consistently positive.

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